Saturday, 5 April 2014

It is April - where did March go?

1601 - From Monica in Sweden.  I have had Lena Anderson's January to April so far.  I wonder if I'll get any more (hint, hint!)  The following cards and letters arrived in late February and early March.

1441 - 'At the Window' by Hans Heyerdahl (1857-1913), from Danielle in the USA.

1443 - Mon ami Francais, Damien, has just been to New York.

1446 - Beynac (Dordogne) - a typical landscape of the Dordogne Valley from Damien.

A letter from Eva in Morocco -

1455 - This is a card I sent myself.  Why, you may ask.  I was testing whether my request to the postal sorting office to hand stamp my postcards was being taken note of.  The card itself is one of my absolute favourites.

The Post Office did frank it by hand so the card wasn't damaged by the machinery and the framk looks so much nicer than the machine one.

1461 - This super card came from Ellen, a postcrosser from Amsterdam.

1470 - This picture is by Cornelis Jetses (1873-1955) and is entitled 'Close to Home'.  It was sent by a postcrosser from a Netherlands, Margriet.

1472 - Katya, my 8 year old friend from Ukraine, has recognised that I am fond of football and not only sent me this super card but also gave me a link to a cartoon showing the cossacks playing against some other European teams.  The cartoon was made in 1970 but actually reflected the Ukrainian group in Euro 2012 which was held in Ukraine and Poland.  It's a super cartoon.

This was one of the stamps -


  1. I'll say as much as I did buy the whole set... (hint, hint!)
    And your recent cards have indeed arrived nicely hand-franked. Are you bribing those guys at the post office?!

  2. One amusing incident took place - the whole plastic envelope with three cards in got sent to one of the recipients in Germany. Fortunately it was someone I swap with and she was kind enough to stick German stamps on them and re-post them.

  3. I thought the same as Dawn... We don't have this possibility here. I mean, we can't ask for that, but indeed a lot of letters are hand cancelled. It doesn't mean the cancellation looks so neat, though.

    I didn't know you like football (or have I forgotten?). Also is something new for me to look for... :D


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