Saturday, 22 February 2014

Some recent cards

1406 & 1440– From Monica – lovely Lena Anderson cards.

1412 – I am keen on building up a collection of as many UNESCO World Heritage Site postcards as I can.  This one of the volcanoes of Kamchatka came from Natalia (RU-2401302).  

1413 – Nikita, a 15 year old postcrosser from Perm, sent me this super card (RU-2400128).  I love it.  The artist is Leonid Baranov.

1415 - Natallia from Belarus sent me Puss in Boots by Irina Zenuik (BY-1169204).

1402 - It matches this one sent by Elena in Belarus (BY-1178702).  It seems there is a whole series and they look rather good.

1419 – My first card from Brunei – from Zafirah.

1424 – Irina, my Russian friend, visited Israel some years ago and was kind enough to send me a card of Jerusalem. 

1425 – I like black and white studies of people doing things.  This stamp collector with a look of utter concentration came from Heleen in the Netherlands.

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