Tuesday, 25 February 2014

More February Cards

 1425 – From Susanne in Germany came this excellent 3D map of Europe.  This is the first 3D card I have received and its timing was perfect – just when I needed a boost.  It made my day.  I still smile every time I see it on my notice board.

1426 – This old piece of German (?) text and drawing came from Eric in Malaysia.

1427 – Monica in Sweden sent Jo and I this perfect shot of Elks for Valentine’s Day.  

1429 – Carol in Washington State sent this photo of the sunset over the Seattle skyline from Queen Anne Hill which has special significance for her.  

1430 – Danil, a postcrosser in Russia, sent me this map of the Russian Federation – the largest country in the world by area.  It is about 17 million square kilometres while Canada, the next biggest country, is between 9 and 10 million.

1437 – Amiley sent me this picture from her home town of Sahkon Nahkon (สกลนคร
in Thai) as part of a direct swap.

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  1. Justin sure would like the one with the Elk. I received your letter and postcards yesterday. It made my day. :)


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