Sunday, 8 December 2013

Of Owls and Reactive Piggies!

1134 – From a postcrosser, Laura in Germany (DE-2665226)

1135 – A Eurasian Pygmy Owl from Anastasia in Belarus.

There is a new series of stamps devoted to Belarusian cartoons – this one is “The Adventures of Reactive Piggy”.

1136 –Sini sent me this great maxi-card from Finland.

1137 – Susanne sent me this card with a picture by Felix Valloten (1865-1925).  Entitled ‘Success’ it shows a nude playing Patience.

I like this stamp and the frank has been placed perfectly for a change.

1138 – Amit in India tells me this railway is over a hundred years old.

He always uses great stamps on his cards.

1139 – A work by Japanese artist Ando Hiroshige (1797-1858) entitled ‘The Drum Bridge And Yuhi Hill at Meguro‘.  I never know what to expect from Danielle  which is always exciting.

Danielle kindly found some new stamps for me but Mark Twain suffered a bit at the ‘hands’ of the postal workers.


  1. I love the Finnish mailbox. But... how can the post(wo)men find it?!?

    1. Have you ever seen the Roger Hargreaves cartoon character Mr Tickle? I think he is the answer - very long arms!


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