Tuesday, 17 December 2013

1158 -1169 - A new selection

1158 -  A picture of the Minsk railway station sent to me by Inna from Belarus (BY-1099562). 

I don’t make a habit of sharing what is on the reverse of the cards but I would like to say that Inna has just gone through what I consider to be one of the worst experiences possible and I’d like you to think of her this Christmas and send her your thoughts.
1159 /1162 – From my Bulgarian friend Irina –

The wonderful stamps on the package from Irina.


1163 – From Lili in Slovenia (SI-87156)

More miniature works of art on stamps.

1164 – Tulips from – not Amsterdam but - Vladikavkaz courtesy of Dzantemir (RU-2206743)

This card had a whole collection of the 2009 Russian kremlin stamps –

Pskov Kremlin and Moscow Kremlin

Rostov Kremlin and Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin

Kolomna Kremlin, Kazan Kremlin and Zaraysk Kremlin

1165 – From Carin, a postcrosser in The Netherlands (NL-2226015).

1166 – Christmas greetings thanks to a home-made card from Eva in Morocco.  (The star and tree open out).

 1167 – And more Christmas greetings from Renate in Austria.

A very artistic stamp of the St. Georgenberg Abbey, a Benedictine monastery at one time situated in Fiecht in Tyrol; a pilgrimage church still stands on the site of the original 1708 abbey.

1168 – A Neapolitan sunset photographed by Pasquale and turned into a postcard.

The stamps.

1169 – The beautiful Audrey Hepburn from Susanne, my German friend.

The stamps, one of which is suitably festive.


  1. It seems like you have ALL Bulgaria in your collection now :D

    The Christmas stamp from Germany is gorgeous!

  2. I think it is neat that Bulgaria puts a map shape on many of its postcards. And I've always loved those Kremlin stamps.

    Hope all is well with you. Best Wishes for a Happy New Year.


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