Sunday, 5 May 2013

533 – Tongariro National Park

Card no 533 - GB 
North Island, New Zealand 
Country Card Sent From: New Zealand 
Place that Card Sender Lives: Napier 
Date Received: 3rd May 2013 
Distance Travelled: 11,493 miles 
Time Taken: 6 days 

A World Heritage Site to add to my collection. Many thanks, GB.

In 1993 Tongariro became the first property to be inscribed on the World Heritage List under the revised criteria describing cultural landscapes. The mountains at the heart of the park have cultural and religious significance for the Maori people and symbolize the spiritual links between this community and its environment. The park has active and extinct volcanoes, a diverse range of ecosystems and some spectacular landscapes.

Tongariro lies at the south-western terminus of a Pacific chain of volcanoes aligned along a major tectonic plate boundary. The park's volcanoes, which are outstanding scenic features of the island, contain a complete range of volcanic features. The related ecological succession of plant communities is of special scientific interest. The site is directly associated with the living traditions, beliefs and artistic works of the Maori people, which are of outstanding universal significance.

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