Friday, 28 September 2012

My Profile - Cards I like

 This is my profile from   

It is designed to help people to know what sort of cards to send me.
About John...

My favourite cards are map cards and ones with letterboxes on but I will be quite happy with whatever postcard you send, especially if it relates to where you live.

So here is a list of ideas for you…
- letterboxes (pillar boxes)
- State maps of the USA (I also like US State flowers, insects, etc.)
- a map of your country, your region, your town - any type of map
- cards with the name of your state / town/ area across the front and a picture or pictures of the place
- something showing books (especially old ones, unusual bindings, people reading, etc)
- writing materials (like old inkwells, pens, etc)
I also like Inge Löök cards from Finland; dragonflies; moths; reptiles; and birds.
I like unusual stamps and especially ones with wildlife or flowers on them. (I don't collect stamps I just like to see them on the cards.) 

I'm a retired local government officer with serious (but hopefully not terminal) health issues. I originally trained as a librarian but after a few years in libraries I moved to the Housing Department and then the Chief Executive's Department where I was responsible for anything no one else wanted! Despite all that I still tend to think of myself as a librarian.

I have three living children - One boy (aged 24 and living at home) and two daughters by a previous marriage (in their thirties and living with their husbands in Sheffield and Exeter respectively). My son-in-law in Exeter and my brother (who spends half the year in the Outer Hebrides and half in New Zealand) also rank among my very best friends. My present wife (of 25 years and another of my best friends) and I also had another boy who died in infancy and will always be missed. 

My main interests nowadays are blogging, reading, photography, natural history, family and supporting my partner in her counselling business (mainly by acting as a 'sounding board' for ideas).

Since taking up blogging my circle of friends has become truly international and I love the opportunity that blogging and postcrossing give for spreading kindness and love around the world. Sorry if that sounds soppy but it's how I feel about it.


  1. Hi John. I finally joined postcrossing. I'm still having issue with blogspot and cannot upload any pictures to my blog but I have been keeping busy writing letters to potential penpals. Thanks for introducing me to postcrossing. I will probably start a mail blog over at wordpress but I will not delete "Write Place Write Chick" Happy mailings!

  2. Hi John,

    I was really delighted with your response on Hawwa's letter to Little Red Riding Hood :)

    I like how you write and I believe I'll be visiting this page often.

    Cheers from Manila,

    1. Thanks Maria, I had just added your blog to my list of blogs to visit on my sidebar and the next thing that happened was this comment! It's obviously a mutual appreciation.

  3. Hello, I'm from Czech Republic, I can send you one Mucha's card. Somwhere you wrote you like Mucha!

  4. Hi John - I sent you a private message as well but I wanted to publicly thank you also for introducing me and encouraging me to join Postcrossing.
    I love your two blogs .. And now I have in my head I should create a postcard blog as well.. We will see what the future brings..

  5. Hello. Would like to send you a postcard with a clock. Let the address. My mail:

    1. Thank you - I'll send you my address.


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