Friday, 28 September 2012

Inge Löök’s Aunties

Card no 211  20th Sept 2012

Inge Löök was born in Helsinki in 1951. She is both a gardener and an illustrator. Today she lives in Pernaja, Finland.  Her illustrations are mainly inspirations from her own surroundings or life, most especially from nature.  But it is for 'The Aunties' that she is best known.  To date, there are 36 different images of 'The Aunties', a series of cards of old ladies. I think they are brilliant and after seeing one on a postcrossing blog I added them to my list of cards I would like to receive on my profile.  No sooner had I done so than Soile from Helsinki sent me one.


  1. How cool! Love the idea of your blog--I want to share my own cards, too, but need to work out a way to do so and still not feel overwhelmed with my book blog...need more hours in the day! I love these cards--haven't gotten one yet, but may have to add it to my own wishlist and see if one turns up eventually! :)

  2. No one can be uncheered by such a card! (to twist a quote from Winnie the Pooh, originally about balloons)


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