Saturday, 22 April 2017


This post is linked to Maria’s Postcards for the Weekend which this week is 'Landforms’.   If you would like to see what other folk have chosen to post this  week please visit Maria’s blog and follow the links.  They are always well worth viewing.

4404 - Sigiriya Rock and frescoes - a UNESCO World Heritage Site sent to me by my cousin Mark in Australia.

4461 - Mammoth Cave in Western Australia, sent by GB.

4469 - Also from GB, Rotorua in New Zealand.


  1. These are wonderful postcards, John.

  2. Love the Sri Lanka one, its like the lost world.

  3. I have been to Rotorua - it has quite a pungent aroma!
    I googled Sigiriya and wikipedia says It is one of the best preserved examples of ancient urban planning. So I had to venture further - what a fascinating place (that I'd somehow missed hearing about)

  4. Oh wow! Good choices for the theme. I'm not participating this weekend because I'm busy setting up a new computer, and transferring and sorting files from the old one, etc...

  5. I'd like to visit each place; there might be a problem with the cave. I imagine I'd like it but never had the courage to visit the caves closer to home here. The very idea makes me imagine being claustrophobic. Reading about Tom Sawyer and Becky in that cave did that to me. LOL.


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