Sunday, 5 March 2017

From the UK

This post is linked to Maria’s Postcards for the Weekend which this week is ‘Serenity’.   If you would like to see what other folk have chosen to post this  week please visit Maria’s blog and follow the links.  They are always well worth viewing.

I rarely get cards from the UK and I was in a rush to find one for this week's link up so I ended up with a card that my friend Danielle actually sent from the USA!  It is typically British.

455 - From Danielle

I shall  try to do a better post next week...


  1. Hello John! This is great enough! It's always delightful to see this red post box of Britain. :D Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is a very cool postcard...I always enjoy seeing mailboxes in other countries. There is such a wide variety, even though they have so many similar points!

  3. You probably don't have many British cards because you send them all off abroad :)

  4. It is the same forme:I rarely get postcards from my country. Even since I live in a different one. So I recycled a post written some time ago. Anyway, I love the postcard you posted.

  5. Hi John, I love the contrast on this card. Thank you for sharing!

  6. An excellent contribution to the theme! I love it :-)


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