Friday, 15 July 2016

Some Postcards about posting cards

3059 - from Tina in Canada

3074 - a great stamp on a card from Irina in Russia.

3072 - And a stamp on a card from Susanne in Germany.

3089 - From Heleen in the Netherlands.

4052 - From Phillip in the USA.

4054 - And from Danielle in the USA.

4074 - And from elder daughter and son-in-law!

4077 - From Katya and Marina in Ukraine.


  1. All wonderful. Love the last one!!!

  2. So nice! I received the same one from Heleen.

  3. I so wanted it to say "lick" that my brain read it that way. :) I wonder why stamp glue was sweet.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. We stopped having lickable stamps in the UK around 20 years ago so I don't suppose anyone under thirty has licked a stamp here. We're in danger of giving our ages away. On the first stamps of Great Britain the gum was called cement and was made from a mixture of potato starch, wheat starch and acacia gum. I remember making glue from flour and water when I was a child - I can't recall tasting it though!


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