Monday, 2 February 2015

Two more Findus cards

2347 - From Monica in Sweden:-

It is Findus, it is a cat, it is reading...  Where on earth am I going to file it?

2350 - From Eva in Morocco.  This card meant a lot to her so it was very kind of her to part with it.


  1. It seems that I'm not the only one who needs an Reading Animals album.. ;)

    It's like to part with some postcards just because I'm afraid they can be lost in way. But when they arrive... Well, there aren't anything better that find the right postcard for a recipient!

  2. I do love Findus. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Not all easy, the filing of postcards ;)

  4. I am so new at this I have no idea where I am going to start ...
    I have asked my social net work - blogs - Facebook friends to mail me postcards.. I received a fairly large number of people who said yes they would.. Now I wait to see if they actually do. And if they do I will need to figure out how I am going to sort them.
    Today.. I walked into a flea market and I bought postcards from 1926 - souvionir packs.. Some have stamps .. Some are blank .. Some have a written note.. I have no idea if this is good or not... But doing a quick search on line I think one pack I bought is worth 15 dollars alone.. And I bought several for 25 dollars.
    I also have in this bundle some older cards and smaller ones but without my glasses I don't know what year yet..

    1. I think it is well worth joining Postcrossing as well, Marty.

      Sorting them is one of the hardest parts - or so I find. If I do it by subject it has a nice logic to it but at the same time itbwould be handy to have them filed by the name of the person who sends them - especially when you find someone you exchange with quite a bit.

      Vintage postcards that are not written on are often ideal for sending to people - many of us like old postcards. The E-bay site has lots of old postcards on and there are people who collect cards that have been written and stamped in the past but they tend to specialise in one way or another.

      All the best


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