Thursday, 23 January 2014

Some recent cards

1299 – Yoko in Japan (JP-488187) sent me this card of a Japanese Maiko.

1300 - The London Library after the Blitz sent to me by Dai Li in China.  A most moving picture.

1304, 1313 – Audrey Hepburn cards from Dai Li.  

Some of a few that she kindly sent me, including a packet of Audrey Hepburn cards.

1287 – Siggi in Germany also sent me a beautiful Audrey Hepburn card.

1305 & 1306 – I don’t know who the artist is of these two pictures from Dai Li but I love their simplicity.  They remind me of the Picasso picture of a reclining woman.

1315 & 1316 – From Lena (RU-2303812) came two cards and a lot of stamps.

1317 – It was snowing when Monica sent me this from Sweden.   An excuse top send me another super Lennart Helje picture.

1318 –A map maxi-card from Susanne in Germany. 

1319 – Another maxi-card from Susanne – this time it’s a postman’s bicycle, probably from the early 1900s.

Isn’t this a lovely envelope?


  1. Wow, what a beautiful envelope with the cat. I love getting surprises like that in the mail.

  2. Some really wonderful postcards in this post!

  3. Great postcards, and I love that cat envelope!


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