Friday, 19 July 2013

Starting to CATch up!

I don’t know if I can ever catch up with all the wonderful postcards I’ve received since I last blogged but here is an attempt to do it by CATegory.

562-  I just love this one from Mish in Belarus.  I copied it and then laminated the copy so it can sit on my notice board while the original goes in its album.


586 - This little kitten came all the way from Monica in Sweden to say hello to Ivy.

604 - 'The Cat in Whittingron Gardens' by Nigella Bittleson came from Danielle in Nebraska whose cat goes by the delightful name of Chispa. (Chispa is Spanish for Spark.)

620 - My Friend Irina from St Petersburg is another cat person.  This photo is called 'Cats on the window' and was taken by Vyacheslav Andreev.

622 - 'My Friend Vasya' - another cat from Irina.  Sadly this got attacked by the post office machinery so I have 'repaired' the image a bit.  Don't you just love the pictures on the wall behind Vasya?

 654 - Another one from Danielle (and another one the Post Office have had a go at!)

674 - From Peter in Slovenia.

This was my first Slovenian card.

And Karen in Canada sent me a couple of cat stamps (564)  with a parrot perched temptingly between them!


  1. It is good to see you back - and I'm sorry to hear you were ill (was wondering what had happened to cause such a long silence!)

  2. Sometimes one just has to give up one's grand ambitions and compromise. After all, it's only YOU who know what we might be missing out on... WE are happy to see whatever you find the time to present! :)


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